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August, my favourite month


Hello, August!🤗💚

So I made this lettering just before it turned August 1st. I haven’t been doing art lately due to busy life and work schedule.

I get excited whenever August is approaching. It is my favorite month and happened to be my birth month too! lol 😊 There is something about it, the name itself it sounds so unique. 

Fun facts below:

#August is named after August Ceasar, founder and the first emperor of the Roman Empire, who was posthumously adopted by his maternal great-uncle Gaius Julius Ceasar.

In the early Roman calendar, August was actually the sixth month of the year. It was originally 30 days in length, but an extra day (Yay! My and my son’s birthday!!!😎) was added so that it would equal the number of days in July, which was named after Julius Ceasar.

August has two birthstones: Peridot and Sardonyx. Peridot is among the oldest known gemstones and is green in color. Sardonyx is a white- and brown-banded gemstone once believed to have mystical powers.

The official flower for August is the Gladiolus. These vertical-growing flowers were named from the Latin “gladius,” meaning a sword.

People born in August fall under the zodiac signs of #Leo and #Virgo. Leos are known to be dramatic, creative and outgoing. Virgos have acute attention to detail and are the people most likely to dedicate themselves to serving. (Cough! Cough!) They also are loyal, hardworking and analytical. 😲

Well, I am flattered and it’s pretty accurate.. but that could be anyone born on any day of any month. 😂😒😜




**Disclaimer: fun facts source: Richmond Times-Dispatch**


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Advice from Phillip Lopate on Writing About Your Own Life

Things to remember before writing about your own life


One of Lois Roelofs’ reading assignments for a recent writing conference was Phillip Lopate’s Writing Personal Essays: On the Necessity of Turning Oneself into a Character. In “Write Along with Me,” she relays great advice from Lopate on writing personal essays and memoir, while contemplating how best to document her own life story.

Think of your quirks

No one wants to read boring stuff, so look for those things that make you unique. None of us is the same, so capitalize on it. When folks tell me they could never be a nurse because of the awful bodily things we have to do, I laugh and say, “I understand. Not all people can be excited about bowel movements.” I’m serious. When a patient had been constipated from days on narcotics, I felt as good as the patient when the stool softeners, or the enema I’d given, finally worked. And…

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Giving Blood – helping save lives and the other benefits of it

I recently donated blood – for the first time! My amazing boyfriend has been donating for forever now – even before we met. So it got me into thinking to do it as well. So I did! 🙂 I was never scared of needles but I admit this time I got scared. The thought and feeling of a needle inside your vein sucking your blood for a while.  Yikes! But it was all worth it knowing where it will go. The staff were really nice and accommodating too. I go this sticker and I was so happy and excited lol as if I won a medal or an award. Hahaha!


Before you can give blood, you have to fill in pages of paper and answer series of questions. This is to know if you are eligible. You will also have to complete a quick physical that measures your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and hemoglobin levels. You should be able to find out if you are eligible before going to the blood center by taking an online eligibility test. Be honest! If unsure, ask someone or go to the blood center and they will be able to assist you.

After the blood sucking process is done, you will be asked to take a sit and have something to eat and drink. Free! 🙂 Someone in the kitchen/pantry/canteen will serve you or you can do it yourself. After that, you are free to go. They will also schedule you for your next blood donation – which is for another 3 months. And it all depends on you if you still want to do it. No pressure!

After a couple of days, I received my Redcross donor card together with a superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cooooooooooooooool letter!

How cool is that? 🙂 It was a pleasure giving blood knowing it helps saves lives and there are benefits for you too! Here are some of them:

  1. You’ll get a free mini health check-up
    You can donate blood only if you are fit enough to do so. Before every blood donation process, a series of health check-ups are performed on the donor totally free of cost. This will be of great benefit to you. Your blood will be tested for different types of diseases and if anything comes back positive, you’ll be notified immediately.
  2. New blood cells
    After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss. This stimulates the production of new blood cells and in turn, helps in maintaining good health.
  3. Reduce risk of heart disease/cancer
    Blood donation may also help in lowering risk of cancer. By donating blood the iron stores in the body are maintained at healthy levels. A reduction in the iron level in the body is linked with low cancer risk. Though iron is an essential element for the proper functioning of the body, excessive iron build up can result in excessive oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is the major culprit implicated in accelerated aging, heart attacks, strokes etc.
  4. Burns calories – maintain weight
    One time blood donation helps you shed 650 Kcal. This can aid you in your body weight control measures. However, blood can be donated safely once in two or three months and not more frequently. This will depend on your health status and your blood hemoglobin and iron levels.
  5. The joy of saving human lives
    It is such a wonderful feeling being able to help doctors save human lives. There are no perfect substitutes for human blood. The blood you donate is divided into various components according to the needs of patients. Each component can be used by different recipients for various purposes. Many newborn babies may benefit from a single blood donor as their blood requirements are smaller. Every time you donate blood, you can help up to 3 or 4 individual recipients. Be a hero by donating blood. 🙂


Thanks for reading, guys! xx


*Disclaimer – blood benefits information are from different websites google results.*


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How To Pretend It Doesn’t Hurt, by Ashe Vernon

Just beautiful. ❤

If he did not know how to love you the first time,
He won’t know how to do it the next.

as i write...

When he says
He doesn’t love you anymore,
Roll your shoulders back
And look him in the eye
Even when it feels like your ribs
Are breaking inward, like spider legs.
When he digs up old aches
That he swore he forgave you for,
And ask him why he didn’t leave you sooner.
Ignore the way the words feel like sandpaper
Running all the way up your throat to your mouth.
When he blames you
For mistakes that wear his face,
Do not scream.
Do not cry.
Tell him that there are boys
Who would be proud to say they’d loved you.
Tell him that in two years
You won’t even remember his name
And don’t let him see the way you can taste your own lie.
When he leaves
Ignore the howling in your blood
And do not get up after him.
Not even to lock the door.

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Slowly Getting Where?


smooth snailing
smooth snailing

“It’s never too late. I will get there.”
-Me everytime I go to work. And when I used to go to school.
(pero yung totoo nagmumura na sheeet late naaaa!sana maraming late.. sana wala pa si Ma’am/Sir) Hahaha! 

Also applies to my dreams/goals to become this and that, to do this and that. Crazy how there’s so many things we want to do or to be but there’s so little time. It feels like we’re running out of it.
So many things blocking the way. (Ginusto mo yan eh! Deal with it!) So many reasons why it never happened.. why we didn’t or couldn’t do it before. So proud and happy for the people who are able to do what they wanted to.. either by hardwork or just by luck.

Anyway… nothing will happen if we just sit and contemplate and be miserable about it. *coughs* yeah I do that (sometimes?) I overthink.. over! But it helps.. to realize shit and brings out your inner Drama Queen Haha. Or could just just shake it off – which I rarely do.. but when I do.. it’s still in that little corner of my brain squeezing in, begging: “Think of me! Think of me! Overthink of me!”

Kidding aside, if you think about the bad things happened/happening in your life and the not so good situation you’re in and you’ve been in.. use it to build yourself up. Not to bring you down.

(Whaaaaat? Yes I said it!) Haha (sometimes I hate it when I am too serious..)

Hope we all get the chance to get to wherever we want to be and be good-great-best at whatever we want to become. ONE DAY.  ❤

Happy Friday and Happy Holloween!  😀

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2013 in review

I just love love love Wordpress 2013 annual report! 😀 so smooth! not many views and more than i expected it to have but I dont mind. 😉

Have a happy new year everyone! Be safe and party hard! xo

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 220 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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boots = checked!

One of those day when you have decided what to get before going to the shop and then seeing other great stuff. Why is my life so hard?!!! lol

I bought these pair of boots and it took me an hour (I spent my whole work lunch) to decide if I’m going to get it or not, then bought kebab after. Honestly, I hate shopping sometimes, especially by myself. I can’t get second opinion from friends. I don’t trust sales person cos they’ll just say crap about the product just so you’d buy them. Well, not all.

My dad once told me that I make great decisions when I shop alone, because I don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion and follow my own. But it’s a different story if I am with my mom. I would grab anything she liked. She has a pretty good taste in fashion. 😉

So, moving on to the boots I purchased…excuse the ring


Lace Up Ankle Boot with Cone Heel and Elastic Detailing
Material: Synthetic Upper, Lining and Outsole
Heel Height: 10cm
Platform Height: 1.5cm
RRP (AUS) $89.95

I am size 8, but size 7 fits perfectly on a high-heeled shoes. These are pretty good to walk with.. I don’t have to balance and I can walk comfortably. I love the color. For me brown matches everything.. I don’t know.. just not a fan of black maybe. I’m so glad I bought this. No regrets!

Tell me what you think! 🙂

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break-up and moving on

So.. I just had this serious break up recently – not that we did not have a break up before but this one is for real and it hurts soooo bad.

He said “It’s not you.. It’s me.” and said immediately after finishing the famous break up statement that he’s not just saying it, that it’s really him and it’s not me. So I cried and tried to say things that I thought would make him change his mind. But no luck! it did not work.

It felt like my whole world fell apart into pieces. We’ve been together for almost 3 years. I guess I just depended my happiness on him, too much. Imagine someone who you get to see every time, some one who picks you up and drops you off, go to movies, go shopping, go to places, talk about future and all the stuff that couples do – will just leave you in a blink of an eye. The day we broke up – we were okay, at least I think we were, then we had this misunderstanding and that upsets him and it upsets me that he’s upset. So I walked away, like I always do not realizing that this time, would be the last. What could have happened if I stayed and talk and told him what I wanted to say.. what if I just stayed and hugged him..

I know that we do always fight, and I thought about leaving him.. but I did not, because I love him or maybe I’m just too scared. I don’t know.. but the point is I did not give up!! And that made me think, am I too ugly? has he found someone new? was I too strict? jealous? immature? that maybe he doesn’t love me at all. although he said he does – he did. and he was happy and for me not to take things seriously and to not put the blame on myself.. that he just needed to fix himself and he cannot worry about himself and me at the same time. 😦 that there’s no one else. And that he could say more but time can only tell the reason why.

It’s a good thing that he wanted to change and fix himself.. but I thought, Do I not deserve the change that he got planned? I mean, I have sacrificed things and put up with all his crap. I stick around even most people told me that I should not because I know he could change and I was hoping he would – only he wanted to change but the change includes, him cutting me out of his life because I have the power to upset him because of the feelings we have for each other. *sings I got the power!*

so after a while.. I thought I should act okay and strong. I tried to, he tried to be friendly as possible but it’s just hard to be nice to someone who hurt you so much. But I kept trying maybe I should be nice to him too.. talk to him casually like nothing happened, maybe that would help to lighten that heavy feeling.

So we we’re okay. I was still hoping that he would come back to me. I was starting to feel that we will be together again. Because he would still offer to drop me home and he’s still worried about me – at least I think he is.  Then after a week or two, I found out he’s already seeing someone. HE’S SEEING SOMEONE! He has broken the 3-month rule!! (must be a rebound thing. lol)

It’s funny the way I found that one out. One thing about women is they already know even before the proof comes out. We could be a good detective you know. I would not go in details how I found out – it’s an epic one but. I told him it’s okay with me and he just gave me this look and said he knows me and he knows it’s not okay with me. That night I did not cry, which is strange. I just did not sleep.

I got so upset with him. It seemed to me that he tried to fool me. He wanted to be okay with me and see someone else at the same time – yeah, I know there’s nothing wrong with that – no, there is! If I did not find out that he’s seeing someone, I would still expect that we will be together again. I had enough of hoping and expecting and being disappointed in the end.

He then told me that I got it wrong, that they’re not dating. They’re just hanging out and they’re just friends. Okay? WHATEVER mate!

I saw pictures of them.. been to places we planned to go, food he used to cook for me that he cooked for her. Deserts he used to give me but now he’s buying for her. the front seat in his car that used to be mine and now hers. It’s like stabbing yourself with a very sharp knife. I don’t know why I kept looking at those pictures. I was not able to eat properly. I was not able to get enough sleep. I thought about them too much. I was not able to catch up with my studies. I cried on the bus, on the train and every places where I have this idle moment and all I could think of is them and him and all the great times we’ve shared together and all the times he screwed me over and I did not care what people would think.

He left me  and I needed him. I miss him. I miss “us”. But it would be so unfair to still hate him when all he just wanted is to be free and to fix himself. I cannot do much about it. I thought he’s selfish because he only thinks about himself, but It was me whose selfish not to let go. When someone is determined to do something nothing could get in their way even if I try to take my clothes off and do a very sexy dance. lol

If ever he really doesn’t like me anymore, it’s none of my business. I should not worry about it and should not try hard to have him back. I deserve someone better and he does too. Someone who could give us the kind of love we really need.

people leave someone for different reasons.. maybe he still loves me – just as like as I still love him, and one form of loving is when you just want the best for someone, whether it includes you or not. 🙂 (duh! trying to make one’s self feel better)

It is really really hard coping up from break up, but as they said – cry if you need to, everything will be better after a while. And guess what? It did. I started doing dance lessons and playing Badminton. I got my mood back into reading books. Singing and dancing like a crazy woman when I’m home alone. I still feel pain but it’s not as much as the first few days, weeks, months.. it got better. I stopped stalking them on Facebook – I still do but not as bad as I used to. My phone bill got so high just because of them. DAMN IT! I’m trying to distract myself as much as possible. 🙂

I think I’m okay now. 🙂 I hope. Thanks to all my friends who listened and cheered me up and pushed me to move on.

You know, you just have to love yourself first before you love others and to respect and not to put yourself down. Pick yourself up and deal when crap happens. Mistakes only make us stronger, everything happens for a reason. The only regrets you have in life are the risks that you didn’t take. Above all else, go with your instincts and don’t forget to guard your heart. 🙂 And do not EVER beg for someone to love you back. Its pathetic. ( but at least I tried.. to have a second chance. hahaha.)

Being single is not bad at all. You’re free. but sometimes you would  miss those times. that’s just part of it I guess. it’s sad but ..ehhhhh just gotta get on with your life.

I did not think these things happens in real life. I only saw these in movies and read them in books. It’s good  that it happened in a way.. I know now what to do next time and I would make sure not to give my all. (pffffffftt..  :p) now I’m scared, but not too scared to try  again. Just scared enough to take care of myself first and make sure things would not end up so bad.

I don’t want to say that I would never fall in love again, because I don’t wanna take it back because I know I would – I just don’t know when. I still believe that one day the right one will pop up and everything would be perfect. And I will be happy. And if that one doesn’t exist, I swear I would join the ARMY. 🙂 For the mean time, I will just enjoy life and meet new people and fix the things that I have to fix.

I think I have said too much. Have a great life everyone! 😉


I’ve gone through hell and kept walking. I know my weaknesses.


It took me a long time to believe that. I’ve felt my unworthiness.


I know perfection isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I’ve got scars and I rocked them.


I thought I was lost and alone, but now I realised that I was always with me.

 A L W A Y S  L O O K  O N  T H E  B R I G H T  S I D E  and S T A Y  P O S I T I V E. ^^v

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Monster kill

Once you have loved truly, you’ll start to worry everyday of your life. It is 345 am I woke up for some reason and checked my Facebook account. ( who does not? Duh.) and on the news feed I saw lots of horrible things. From a photo of human being cruel to animals and videos of people murdering people. Curious, I tried to watch it.. I couldn’t even  watch it because I have a feeling I know whats going to happen. Apart from seeing the description. It says there these people are rebels who will get the 3 innocents beheaded. 😥 how cruel and heartless!!

I swear I can’t watch it! reading the comments and stuff.. arrrghh.

There are plenty of style how someone can die by the hands of a fellow – “human”. I am a fan of criminal investigation series. You name it. If the murderer is not on drugs, he could be so upset and wants revenge, or he has something from the past that haunts him, or jealousy perhaps,  or he wants money and the flesh,  or he’s just plainly a psycho.

The worst thing is being able to watch and see how your loved one dies. Just like those three innocent guys in the video and this poor couple:

Everyday of my life, I fear for my loved ones. Before sleeping I can’t stop imagining someone will get inside our bedroom with a knife and stab us do death. ( possible. thinking how many psychotic out there.) I could not deny that I live in fear.  What if 1 day.. I don’t know. Knock on wood.

Live your life to the fullest and be thankful you are still alive and for the things you have and the people dear to you are still around. (guilty, I said thousand times I wanted to die. But i have taken it back.) Life is a gift to enjoy. You might be experiencing down time or crisis but at the end of the day things will get better. and better. 🙂

Stay happy and lovely.

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non sense

I’m back! but temporarily.. I just have a lot of important things to do  than to post nonsense blogs. pfffff.. I’m a frustrated blogger. It is more of, for me, like an outlet. Where I can say whatever I cant say in person to someone. and.. talk to no one.. but still talking.

Anyway. I’m going to post a really non-sense blog.





still.. 🙂